One very interesting fact is that one jury in Orange County

One very interesting fact is that one jury in Orange County

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One very interesting fact is that one jury in Orange County

  No, this article is not about just any lemon. Why should one person be writing about a lemon? This one is all about that kind of lemon the term that you use when referring to a vehicle that simply just does not work as promised.

  One very interesting fact is that one jury in Orange County, Califoia has found just what a lemon smells like. When before you thought that a car or a vehicle is a lemon when it simply does not perform well or seems to break down every now and then or just does not work as promised, well, this time around, a jury from the mentioned place has already defined just what a lemon smells like.

  What happened was that a customer actually bought a 2001 Bentley Aage. The vehicle performed as promised. It zoomed through streets and roads and even made heads tu. The new owner of the vehicle was quite satisfied with the vehicle. Up until he noticed that funny smell that emanated from the vehicle. Of course, who would want to go driving in a vehicle that smells funny, right? So what this Bentley owner did was to file a case against Bentley and just this 10th of October, the jury that heard the case has decided that the 2001 Bentley Aage was a lemon.

  Under the verdict that the jury passed, Bentley, the brand, is actually compelled and forced to buy the car back from the owner for a tag price of over $210,000. But this is not where the financial obligations of the company ends. You see, the jury also decided that the company better also pay an additional $100,000. This amount is for breach of warranty. And the person who filed the case would also be jumping and down for any expenses that he had incurred for the case would also have to be paid by Bentley.

  According to the documents that Bentley showed, the Bentley Aage was among one of the units manufactured from the year 1999 up until 2002 that had quite an odor to it. They pinpointed the source of the problem as a wax and oil substance that was used on the cars so as to function as a rust preventer.

  Now, if you do notice that your vehicle may have some kind of smell, you may want to try checking where sanitary lid for mixer motor the smell is coming from. Perhaps it could be something you applied to your Lincoln Blackwood parts or to any other part of your vehicle. However, if you have not done anything to your vehicle yet and the smell is still there, you may want to start looking at your car as a lemon.

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