The competition between automakers cannot be overemphasized

The competition between automakers cannot be overemphasized

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The competition between automakers cannot be overemphasized

  The competition between automakers cannot be overemphasized. As the industry gets more modeized, the competition becomes tougher and tougher as well. For this reason, Lexus is releasing something tough to compete with the demands and challenges in the auto industry. The new flagship of Lexus is named LS460, which is designed to achieve a more athletic and powerful look.

  Toyota has announced beforehand that it will be releasing a new flagship and according fan motor for air purifier to some critics it seems that whatever Toyota decides to do inevitably comes true. This is also true with its new LS. Previous versions of LS prove to be good cars. This is the very reason why said model is further developed to come up with powerful new LS.

  LS460 is composed of proven and tested Lexus car parts that create confident and stylish car that can serve as an ideal rival to other outstanding cars in the market. Lexus LS460's ancestors were designed to achieve an air of Mercedes feel. On the other hand, recent model of 460 has purely Lexus feel. However, with regards to RX models, the latter has adapted new style called L-finesse. This design system was also integrated in Lexus LS460.

  L-finesse is the system which is responsible for Lexus LS460 sporty and lithe appearance. According to some critics, they find it difficult to find flaws in said car. Indeed, Toyota's worth is getting more and more recognized globally. The Japanese automaker is setting a good standing with regards to its car's quality and performance. In fact, with LS460, designers and engineers studied the refractive properties so as to mimic some worthy attributes.

  Features of Lexus new flagship include 8-speed automatic transmission, APGS or Advanced Parking Guidance System, free video Podcast called Drive, rear passenger seats that reclines up to 45 degrees, high-quality 9-inch display, leather and word fuiture, keyless ignition, radar assisted cruise control, Mark Levinson sound system that records CDs to an inteal hard disc, ABS brakes, stability and traction controls, and up to 11 airbags to promote safety in case of collision. Said car will arrive in October.

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